To be one of the most professional and best Interiors Fitout and MEP contracting company and employers of choice all over UAE, with a balance of work across the public and private sectors and a reputation for local knowledge and delivery.


    To deliver high-quality, cost-effective projects on schedule by employing and supporting passionate, flexible, and focused project teams. We value the importance of our relationships and will continue to remain fair and true in our dealings with all employees, customers, and subcontractors. Our customers count on our commitment, our drive, and our integrity. We take great pride in our accomplishments and build on them every day.


    Proactive – We overcome challenges and find sustainable solutions through PROACTIVE solutions

    Profitable – We deliver PROFITABLE results for all

    Partnering – We achieve success through a PARTNERING and collaborative approach

    Professional – We behave in a PROFESSIONAL manner at all times

    Pride – We take PRIDE in all we do and who we are

    Passion –  We have a PASSION for safely delivering quality buildings



    Our Quality Management has been developed as a proprietary industry-leading bench-marking tool, to capture, analyse and share vital carrier information about carriers' service and performance. It enhances your ability to make better informed carrier choices and promotes superior relationships with our major trading partners throughout the world.


    Qualitative areas of evaluation include:


    • Underwriting - including commercial, project start-up documents and resources.

    • Documents Control - including correspondences, procurement and policy wordings.

    • Claims - including cost control, settlement and technical support.

    • General Services - including progress reports, material deliveries, HS&E, operations and maintenance manuals, closing-out documents…etc.


    Health and Safety is an integral part of our internal management system at Dartek, responsible for oversight and implementation of the company’s health and safety policy. Dartek’s history has demonstrated that the more aligned our local business units, subcontractors and partners are with our safety ideal of loss avoidance, the safer and more successful the project outcome.


    Dartek’s Safety Management aspects are:


    • Injuries are Preventable by complying with all the laws of the local government.

    • Ensure safety prior to commencing a work.

    • Provide the necessary safety training for all employees and sub-contractors.

    • Practicing on daily basis where else the work is conducted by provide all safety devices and protective equipment necessary and supervise their use. 


    Dartek Contracting adopts and implements environmentally sensitive policies throughout its service provisions and project phases. Our business approach is to incorporate innovative solutions that address the challenges of maximizing a project’s productivity without increasing the cost to the environment.


    The Greening of engineering today consists of an abundance of challenges, including reducing the cost of construction, operations and maintenance, while at the same time complying with stringent guidelines and increasing the project's productivity and sustainability. As a resourceful enterprise, Dartek MEP Contracting has helped clients to achieve these seemingly conflicting objectives, thus rewarding them with higher returns on their investment.

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